Logo-types for, an entertainment auction website and the network marketing company behind it, is directly for the customers interested in the auctions so an element of fun was important, while is aimed at the business opportunity offered through its affiliate program and is more corporate in nature.


From early on in the idea development, we considered the use of colours to build on emphasising the separate words and play on the use of the three dots. The colour schemes needed to be quite subtle and exclusive, without any tones that were overly bright or flashy.



The distinctiveness of the original ‘v’ makes it more suited to use by itself and it also has a lot of potential for creating some continuity with the ‘b’ – something that is further emphasised through the use of colour.

CREDIT: John Doe
Date: Jun 2013
DESCRIPTION: Monotonectally seize accurate opportunities rather than backward-compatible technology. Authoritatively envisioneer cutting-edge synergy with pandemic portals. Quickly provide access to dynamic e-markets rather than virtual schemas. Energistically leverage other's front-end strategic theme areas through granular partnerships.