Personal logo-type for Joacim Nilsson, a young Swedish web developer. Joacim was looking for a typographic representation of his identity, something uniquely individual to him and his personality. While discussing the goals of the logo, positivity emerged as one of the main characteristics to express, as well as a strong sense of drive, motivation, warmth and thoughtfulness. Stylistically, Joacim was interested in a brush script and we talked about ways in which to create an interesting composition using 2 lines.


Above: A few sketchbook pages showing some very early test ideas as well as the start of the more refined concept.


With the general direction in mind, I progressed through a few sketch stages to work out the composition and details. I scanned one of the drafts (below top) and roughly adjusted the alignment and spacing in Photoshop before printing and cleaning it up using a white gel pen (below bottom). This was then used as the basis for the final drawing.


Above: Loose pencil draft drawn from one of the rough inked versions, corrected first in Photoshop then with a white gel pen.

CREDIT: John Doe
Date: Jun 2013
WEB SITE: airtheme.net
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