The commonality among all of these products is the product or service’s ability to recognize data points and adjust to better fit the person using them. This personalization turns everyday static objects into “smart” objects. Marketing has started to follow a similar trend.

Netflix takes your viewing behavior and adapts to elevate similar genres and content.

One of these factors is a growing subscriber base. You know, those dedicated blog readers that keep coming back to your blog on a regular basis? The people who consistently read and share your content with their networks?

Yes, these cards can be visually interesting, but will cost you an arm and a leg. For me the most important factor about doing business is creating a network in a cheap but efficient way. I don’t want to be restrained by the idea that I’m handing out 3 euros (cost of one card for example) when dealing my cards. Sticker business cards are the answer when you want to make a cheap but awesome branded statement about your business that people can share in the offline world.

Here’s the awesome part. For each card you hand out you create potential new links in your network since people have the opportunity to share the sticky part of the business card while still holding on to your personal information. So, in theory you create double the exposure.

I teamed up with Tijs earlier this year. He was looking for an impressive business card that wouldn’t break his bank account. Bear in mind, we didn’t reinvent the wheel but we gave it our creative touch resulting in an incredible personal business card.

The design isn’t ground breaking, but it makes so much sense to hand out yourself so people can put a face on your name. We printed these on heavy duty 3M sticker paper so they’ll last years in the outdoors and gave them a custom shape to distinguish Tijs from all those other cards.

CREDIT: John Doe
Date: Jun 2013
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